Sample Courses

The complete Certificate requires 12 semester hours at the 5000 level distributed as follows:

1. Academic courses


At least 3 semester hours in a letter-graded (A, B, C) academic course.


Dr. Stuckey-French prepares a list of the Certificate-eligible courses prior to registration for each term, distinguishing between Academic and Practicum courses. Understandably, fewer offerings in the Academic category are available in the summer.

2. Practicum courses


At least 3 semester hours in editing and publishing Practicum and/or in editing internships. 


Recommended core course:


ENC 5217—Topics in Editing: Manuscripts, Documents, Reports, and Articles. 3 semester hours. S/U graded. Meets as a cohort class with ENC 4212. Highly individualized to meet the needs of students and area writers from various academic majors and career tracks. (May not be offered in the summer effective 2018; check with the Department of English.) Hands-on review of grammar; punctuation; professional, best-practice usage; active-voice writing; document revising; and copyediting. Note that students registering for ENC 5217 using an FSU graduate tuition waiver or full-time state-employee fee waiver must register for ENC 5217.0002 instead of ENC 5217.0001. Both cohort sections meet as one class.  


ENC 5945—Internship. Available for enrollment fall, spring, and summer terms. Student typically identify their own internship opportunities. But Dr. Stuckey-French and Dr. Molly Hand, Entrepreneur in Residence and EWM Internship program director (, also assist students. Internship courses are graded S/U. See Dr. Hand for information about registering for Internships and filling out the contract form with your clients or employers. To see the contract itself, paste this URL into your browser:


3. Additional course work in categories 1 or 2 to bring the total to 12 hours (for those planning to complete the full Certificate)


Certificate completers typically take 3 credit hours in ENC 5217, 3 hours in Internships, and the remaining 6 hours in Academic coursework. Several students have taken one Practicum course and three Academic courses.


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